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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

Perry danced the Cha Cha to the song "God Blessed Texas"

CNN  — 

America collectively got over the fact that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was chosen to appear on the ABC competition show “Dancing with the Stars” just in time for the premiere Monday.

Perry and his partner, professional dancer Emma Slater, were tasked with doing the Cha Cha for their television debut.

The duo chose to dance to the Little Texas song “God Blessed Texas” because, in case you missed it, Perry is from Texas. The performance included several cameos by the Texas state flag as well as a projection of the state on the dance floor. Slater even donned cowboy boots.

Let’s break down the performance.

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry eats a 'veggie' corn dog and walks with his wife Anita while visiting the Iowa State Fair August 15, 2011 in Des Moines, Iowa.

The couple entered the dance floor after making a pit stop at Rick’s Corn Dogs stand, potentially an homage to one of the more memorable pictures taken during the 2012 campaign. Can we also talk about how inflation has apparently not reached the Lone Star state? Fifty cents for a corn dog? Sign me up.

The governor showed off his fancy footwork.

And his hips did not lie.

Perry was living his best life. It looked like he even sang along with the song at times.

Meanwhile, Slater gave him a little coaching as they went along.

And, barely out of breath, Perry stuck the finish.

Perry and Slater received straight 5s from all four judges, with a final score of 20. It was the lowest score of the evening. But at the very least, the under appreciated state of Texas was well-represented.

It remains to be seen whether Perry will go down in history for his governorship, failed presidential campaigns or his Cha Cha.