Clinton outspending Trump 7-to-1 on TV ads this week

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  • Trump being badly outspent by Clinton on TV ads

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is poised to be outspent on television this week by the largest margin since he began running general election advertisements.

Barring a sudden unannounced buy of television advertising time, Trump's campaign and his allies will be outgunned by a nearly 7.5-to-1 ratio by Hillary Clinton and her allies, according to a CNN analysis of data from the ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG.
That's the largest disparity since Trump began running general election advertisements in mid-August.
    Before that, Clinton and her super PAC outspent Trump by even larger margins. In one early July week, his forces put up less than $1 million in ads to the nearly $13 million spent by Clinton and her primary super PAC, Priorities USA.
    Trump's efforts to narrow the gap have been focused largely on four battleground states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. He has also invested $2 million in Virginia, although his advertising habits in that state and others have been sporadic.
    His $2.1 million buy this week will air a new ad criticizing Clinton for calling many of his supporters "deplorables."
    It features images of Trump supporters while a narrator explains Clinton was describing "people like you, you and you."
    Clinton responded with her own advertisement, a minute-long spot that mashes together various Trump insults.
    There is a dose of good news for Trump, however small: Rebuilding America Now, the best-organized pro-Trump super PAC, will return to buying television time this week after three weeks off the airwaves. It is launching a $100,000 buy in Pennsylvania, a media buying source told CNN.
    Clinton's campaign has spent more than $110 million on general election television advertising, while Trump's campaign has spent less than $19 million.