Trump unveils massive metaphor a few blocks from White House

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  • The Trump International Hotel opened on Monday
  • Protesters greeted first guests

(CNN)Donald Trump is creeping ever closer to the White House.

With the opening of his Trump International Hotel on Monday in Washington, the Republican presidential nominee's golden stamp is now only six blocks away, at the capital's Old Post Office.
The refurbished Romanesque revival mixes old marble floors from its opening in 1899 with flourishes of Trumpian tinsel, a 263-room monument to this profoundly weird political moment.
    Here are a few ways the new Trump hotel is a pretty convincing metaphor for the 2016 presidential campaign:

    The Trump hotel and Clinton Federal Building now stand nose to nose!

    Protesters outside on Monday didn't have much love for either candidate.

    At 4,000 square feet, a Presidential Suite (pictured) is only the SECOND largest accommodation at the hotel. The Trump Townhouse is 6,300 square feet.

    Trump is putting his gold leaf mark on a centuries-old American institution

    Clinton wants to break a glass ceiling. Trump is trying to preserve one.

    Trump is getting closer to the White House ...

    Like the owner's campaign, it's made some big strides ... but is still a work in progress.