Amanpour on Clinton health: 'Can't a girl have a sick day?'

(CNN)"Can't a girl have a sick day or two?"

CNN's Christiane Amanpour posed that very question after Hillary Clinton's health was thrust into the spotlight after her wobbling departure Sunday at ground zero. Video of Clinton showed the Democratic presidential nominee leaving a 9/11 ceremony early, wobbling and slumping as she entered her vehicle. Several hours after the incident, the Clinton campaign revealed that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.
Amanpour on Monday addressed criticism lodged at the Clinton campaign for waiting two days to inform the public about her pneumonia diagnosis by pointing out what she said is a history of the media shielding health problems of American presidents.
    "Surely this can't be a case of a human being having an off day," Amanpour said sarcastically. "No, like so many things Hillary the media are having a field day. Off to the races with another debilitating case of indignant outrage. This must be another typical Clinton conspiracy to fool them with a total transparency breakdown."
    On the issue of a 'transparency breakdown,' Amanpour points out the fact that Republican nominee Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns.
    "When it comes to overqualified women having to try 100 times harder than underqualified men to get a break, or even a level playing field -- well, we know that story." Amanpour said.
    Amanpour went on to highlight past U.S. presidents with health incidents or problems.
    "Who can ever forget George Bush senior throwing up over the Japanese prime minister and then fainting at a state dinner?" Amanpour said. "And he oversaw the fall of the Soviet Union and even won the first Gulf War."
    "John F. Kennedy saved the world from possible nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban Missile Crisis, called for a new frontier in space and generally inspired whole generations around the globe," Amanpour said. "While the press kept secret his painful struggle with Addison's disease -- leading the world in sickness and in health."
    "If the boys can do it, why not the women."