Kardashian drama is the gift that keeps on giving on 'Rob & Chyna'


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  • Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna revealed the sex of their baby on the premiere of their E! reality series
  • "Rob & Chyna" was exactly what you'd expect from a Kardashian TV spin-off

(CNN)Kongratulations are in order for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, who revealed the sex of the next kid-ashian in the season premiere of their new E! reality series, "Rob & Chyna."

Their first child is going to be a girl.
To Rob, this meant his dreams of having a boy to carry out the family name were dashed -- for now. For Chyna, this meant joy and, later, another reason to unleash anger upon Rob after he prematurely revealed the baby's sex to his mother after the couple had agreed to keep it a secret.
    It was the kind of spat viewers of any and all installments from the Kardashian TV Kollection know well: A small argument becomes a bigger argument. A bigger argument turns into angry phone calls and FaceTimes. The phone calls then go unanswered. If such a thing were possible, you bet Apple's iPhone would have a cast credit on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."
    The broadcast disputes always end the same: slight resolution, a confessional and a mini cliffhanger for next week.
    "Rob & Chyna" is nothing new. But it does mark a return to the format that helped "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" spawn five spin-offs before the one that debuted Sunday. (The last spin-off to debut before "Rob & Chyna" was "Dash Dolls," which centered on a group of young female employees who worked in the clothing store owned by the Kardashian sisters.)
    "I Am Cait" is officially not considered part of that ilk. From its inception, the now canceled docu-series starring Caitlyn Jenner aimed to offer more than the other projects seen from the reality TV family. It aimed to educate, to spur discussion, to inspire. Initial interest in the series was high -- debuting to 2.7 million viewers, according to numbers cited in Variety.
    But interest, apparently, waned fast. The final episode of "I Am Cait" drew less than 500,000 viewers.
    And so comes "Rob & Chyna." Whether viewers will fervently follow the happenings of the sole male among the Kardashian kids -- and his fiancée -- remains to be seen. Our guess? Of course they will. Because if it's drama the audience is hungry for, "Rob & Chyna" is the Golden Corral.
    In addition to the baby she's carrying, Chyna is also mother to a young son, whose father is Tyga, a rapper who has dated Kylie Jenner. This connection led to much tension among the Kardashian kids in the early days of Rob and Chyna's relationship.
    In the premiere, Chyna admits "it's been a long process trying to get along with the Kardashians." Chyna's role in helping Rob manage his depression, however, has seemingly put the family on solid ground with her.
    Rob acknowledged Chyna's role in his journey in the premiere episode, saying: "My life went from in the dark ... to getting it together. On top of that, she's got a really good butt."
    The Kardashians, if nothing else, are good at keeping it on brand.