College tuition and millennials' struggles: Samantha Jayne gets political

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samantha jayne quarter life poetry gets political origwx bw_00003612


    Samantha Jayne on college tuition and #TheStruggle


Samantha Jayne on college tuition and #TheStruggle 01:59

Story highlights

  • The Quarter Life Poetry Instagram account illustrates millennial struggles
  • The artist behind the account advocates for tuition reform

Washington (CNN)Millennials looking for someone who truly understands the realities of being a twenty-something in the social media age can find support in the Instagram account Quarter Life Poetry, which pairs poems with cartoons.

Samantha Jayne, the artist behind Quarter Life Poetry, started the account after going through her own quarter life crisis.
"I decided to quit my job, I had this breakup and I moved across the country -- very stereotypical," Jayne told CNN.
    It was during this period of her life that the former art director decided to find a new outlet for her frustrations.
    "I like to deal with everything, any negative emotions with humor and sarcasm. Maybe because it's difficult to face those negative emotions head on, but I think it's also easier to talk to people about them and share it with them if you do it in a kind of humorous way," Jayne said.
    "I just thought of little things that happened in my life or little moments in my life that are frustrating to me or frustrating to my friends," Jayne said. "So I wrote that, did a little doodle with it, posted it up. Didn't expect anything. I added all these hashtags, and then a lot of other people were able to find it and it kind of just ballooned from there."
    Today, the account has more than 100,000 followers and Jayne published a book of the poems in April.
    But it's not all #RoseAllDay. Many of the entries deal with issues like the literal cost of being an adult. Student loan debt is one of the issues reflected in Jayne's posts alongside its prominent role in the 2016 presidential campaign.
    Jayne herself went to vocational school because it was cheaper and she saw many of her friends struggle in entry-level jobs or go to graduate school in order to put off their student loan burdens.
    "They say a lot of millennials still live with their parents, but there's a reason for that. It's because they can't pay off these student loans. So I think making college more affordable is a real issue and is absolutely something we should focus on," Jayne said.