5 things for Thursday, September 8: Iran, Ryan Lochte, North Dakota pipeline

U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran
U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran


    U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran


U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran 01:51

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(CNN)Pipeline protests. Swimmer sanctions. Candidate critiques. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Iran

Well, this is getting quite expensive.The Obama administration now says it's made two more cash payments to Iran, after giving it $400 million in January. So that's a total of $1.3 BILLION in cash, given to a nation we don't get along with very well. The administration swears up and down it's all to resolve a failed arms deal, but Republican critics say it's nothing more than a ransom paid for the release of four American prisoners.

    2. Campaign 2016

    We don't know who looked more presidential during last night's "Commander in Chief" forum, but we do know who it ticked off. Clinton supporters were ticked because Donald Trump defended a tweet that seemed to suggest sex assaults in the military would stop if women weren't allowed. Trump supporters were ticked that Hillary Clinton kind of blew off questions about her emails. And everyone was ticked at host Matt Lauer, for apparently lobbying softballs at Trump and spending too much time on Clinton's emails.

    3. Ryan Lochte

    (Lying about) Crime doesn't pay. And Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte will find that out today. The US Olympic Committee is expected to suspend him for 10 months for his wild story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio. He can't swim in next year's world championships either. But hey, at least he's got "Dancing with the Stars."

    4. Ferguson

    A prominent activist who led the Ferguson protests was found shot to death in the charred remains of a car. Darren Seals forcefully spoke out on race issues and against police brutality. It was he who comforted Michael Brown's distraught mother after a grand jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Cops say his homicide is unrelated to that of Deandre Joshua, who too was found burned and shot to death.

    5. Dakota Access Pipeline

    It's a $3.7 billion project that would cross four states and really change the landscape of US crude oil supply. But depending on who you ask, the Dakota Access Pipeline will a) reduce our reliance on foreign oil, bring in $156 million in taxes, and add up to 12,000 jobs OR b) destroy the Standing Rock Sioux tribe's sacred sites, emit more greenhouse gases and possibly contaminate water supplies. We'll find out tomorrow if a judge gives it the green light.


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