Teen's kind gesture prompts global reaction online

LaRon Tunstill comforts a man after giving him his new shoes.

Story highlights

  • Louisville teen LaRon Tunstill gives the shoes off his feet to a homeless man
  • A photo of the teen and the homeless man has gone viral
  • A GoFundMe campaign is raising funds for kids who do community outreach

(CNN)Labor day is usually a time of leisure, carefree barbecues and lounging by the pool. But a Louisville, Kentucky, teenager spent the holiday feeding the homeless, and one small act of his that day is inspiring people around the world.

LaRon Tunstill was with a group of volunteers handing out soup and hamburgers to homeless people when a man sitting on the corner sparked his interest.
"You could tell like he's been hurt so many times," Tunstill told CNN affiliate WAVE.