Donald Trump: 'Hillary, she's not a New Yorker!'

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donald trump hillary clinton not a new yorker sot _00004008


    Donald Trump: Hillary, she's not a New Yorker!


Donald Trump: Hillary, she's not a New Yorker! 00:48

Story highlights

  • Trump pointed out Clinton is from Illinois
  • She did serve as a New York senator, however

(CNN)Donald Trump, resurfacing attacks hurled against Hillary Clinton during her Senate campaign, argued that the Democratic presidential nominee is "not a New Yorker" while speaking at an event hosted by the New York State Conservative Party.

In his brief, 18-minute speech (without teleprompters), Trump said Clinton is "really not from Arkansas, either," a state where he said he has a 25-point lead. He added: "She's really from Illinois," then pointed out that he's a "real New Yorker."
"I will say this: You will never get more of a New Yorker if you want a president than you're getting with me," he said.
    Born in Park Ridge, Illinois in 1947, Clinton rose to prominence during her 20-year stay in Arkansas from 1974 to 1992. A dozen of those years were spent as first lady of The Natural State. After living in Washington, DC, for eight years as first lady, Clinton moved to Chappaqua, New York and represented the Empire State for eight years in the Senate.
    On Wednesday Trump kicked off his remarks vowing to campaign in the Empire State.
    "We are going to play in New York," he said, later promising to "win" the state.
    "Everyone would say, 'don't bother with New York because Republicans don't win.' I don't think that we're gonna be in that position. I think we're going to win New York. I think we're going to do great in New York," Trump said.
    Trump briefly ticked through some of his talking points, like bringing back jobs and painting a dire picture of the economy, especially in New York. He mentioned his recent trip to Mexico, saying: "That worked out very well."