Clearing unexploded bombs in Laos

Updated 12:23 AM ET, Tue September 6, 2016
Laos HALO 7Laos HALO 7
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The HALO Trust is the world's largest humanitarian mine clearance organization. It works in Laos to clear unexploded ordnance. Here, two HALO technicians use a Large Loop Detector to clear a hazardous area. The HALO Trust
HALO prioritizes land which will be used for community development projects and agricultural land. The HALO Trust
A HALO team walks through a paddy field to get to work. Dense vegetation and a very wet rainy season can make the job difficult. The HALO Trust
A HALO Technician uses a detector during the clearance of a Confirmed Hazardous Area (CHA). The HALO Trust
Ms Toyota, one of HALO's team leaders, prepares what she needs to conduct the demolition of a cluster munitions. The HALO Trust/Tom Chaves
A HALO supervisor shows where the organization has found items of unexploded ordnance -- the yellow sticks indicate how close they are to one village house. The HALO Trust