5 things for Friday, September 2: Hurricane Hermine, Zika, Venezuela protests


    Hurricane Hermine batters Florida's Gulf Coast


Hurricane Hermine batters Florida's Gulf Coast 03:02

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(CNN)We asked; you answered. Hundreds of you! You wanted the old format back. Done. You wanted the numbers back. Done. You sent in lots of great ideas that we'll be experimenting with in the next few days. It's Friday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Hurricane Hermine

Hermine got downgraded to a tropical storm early this morning, but don't sleep on her: she's still plenty dangerous. Hermine -- the first hurricane to hit Florida in 11 years -- made landfall near St. Marks on Florida's Gulf coast. Heavy rain, strong winds and big storm surges pounded the area and tornado watches went out. About 70,000 people lost power in Tallahassee. The storm will slide up the East Coast today. It'll be soaking New Jersey by Saturday.

    2. Zika

    Dead bees everywhere. Maggots and other insects feeding on honey in the hive. Oh, and that smell. A beekeeper in South Carolina said millions of her bees were killed after aerial spraying for Zika. She didn't protect the bees because she didn't know about the spraying. It raises questions about how aerial spraying will affect communities as Zika spreads and officials search for ways to protect their cities and towns.

    3. Venezuela protests

    Venezuela is running out of just about everything. Medicine, electricity, toilet paper -- you name it. Inflation could rise by 700%. And food shortages are so severe that white-collar workers could be forced to work the fields. So, yesterday, frustrated residents packed the streets demanding a recall vote to remove the man they blame, President Nicolas Maduro. So far, "The Takeover of Caracas" has been peaceful. Here's what went wrong in a country that sits on the world's largest proven reserves of oil.

    4. National anthem protests

    This time, Colin Kaepernick didn't sit during the National Anthem. He took a stand by kneeling. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback was roundly booed, especially since the preseason game against the San Diego Chargers was on a night when the Chargers were hosting their annual Salute to the Military. He wasn't alone though. A 49ers teammate also took a knee. And a Seattle Seahawks player sat during the anthem before a game against the Raiders.

    5. SpaceX

    The explosions lasted for four minutes when a SpaceX rocket blew up on a launch pad at Cape Canaveral. It destroyed a rocket and a Facebook satellite that was going to be launched this weekend. It's a big blow to Facebook's efforts to bring web access to far-flung corners of the world, and it raises serious questions about private companies' ability to do manned space flights.


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