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And we thought last summer was crazy.

This summer was dominated by the end of the primary season and the rise of both party’s candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both spent the year’s hottest months battling controversy and challenges from within and out their party ranks.

As the fall campaign kicks off after Labor Day next week, let’s recap an unforgettable political summer.

Donald Trump was the only Republican candidate left standing by Memorial Day.

Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination, but Bernie Sanders refused to drop out.

On the international stage, North American leaders pulled off this awkward handshake.

And the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, a decision Trump championed.

On Capitol Hill, Democrats held an overnight sit-in of the House to protest lack of action on gun bills.

The FBI wrapped its investigation of Clinton’s emails. FBI Director James Comey did not recommend prosecution. But he did say that Clinton was “reckless” and “extremely careless” in transmitting classified material through her private server.

But instead of capitalizing on it, Trump decided to praise Saddam Hussein.

And his Twitter account posted a graphic popularized by white supremacists.

Pokemon GO swept the nation, and Clinton tried to show that she is hip with it. (She is not.)

Trump clarified his position on mosquitoes.

Trump announced Mike Pence as his running mate and revealed this short-lived campaign logo.

At the Republican convention, Trump entered on the first night like a World Wrestling Champion. (He is literally a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s true. Look it up.)

Melania Trump plagiarized her convention speech from Michelle Obama.

Trump air-kissed Mike Pence.

Ted Cruz caused a ruckus when he refused to endorse Trump from the convention stage.

“Never Trump” Republicans made a last stand on the RNC floor.

They failed, and the Republicans nominated Trump.

Still, many were unhappy.

On the final night, Trump gave one of the longest acceptance speeches in history.

Before the Democratic National Convention began, Wikileaks released a trove of private Democratic Party emails showing the party privately favored Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Sanders supporters were furious, and Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned.

Experts said Russia was behind the hack. So Trump invited Russia to hack Clinton.

The Democratic convention continued on amid the turmoil.

Howard Dean came to peace with the Dean Scream.

And so did Meryl Streep.

Clinton presented this subtle visual metaphor.

Tim Kaine was nominated for Vice President.

Clinton overcame challenges from Sanders supporters and officially became the Democratic nominee.

She was impressed by the balloons.

But the most powerful moment came when a Muslim family whose son died fighting in the Iraq War challenged Trump.

That got Trump’s attention – so much so that he attacked the Khan family.

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Republicans back away from Trump's latest war of words

It was the start of a tough week for Trump. He joked about kicking a baby out of his rally.

And then he made a comment that many interpreted as a call to shoot Clinton.

Meanwhile, a man in New York was arrested for scaling Trump Tower with suction cups, because things definitely weren’t weird enough already.

Clinton’s email scandal continued to dog her.

Trump is down in the polls? “Says who?”

Trump went to Mexico to meet with the president who once compared him to Hitler.

And finished his day in Arizona making clear there’s no “softening” in his immigration stance.

Alright, with that, onward to the debates, the fall and Election Day.