Hailee Steinfeld on 'The Edge of Seventeen' and its John Hughes 'vibe'

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Hailee Steinfeld VMA_00001716


    Hailee Steinfeld: Oscar buzz is flattering


Hailee Steinfeld: Oscar buzz is flattering 00:52

(CNN)Hailee Steinfeld, 19, hopes her new movie, "The Edge Of Seventeen," will accomplish something important: showing teens they're not alone.

"It's a very honest telling of being a teenager in this world today and growing up and taking every single flaw there is and embracing them," Steinfeld told CNN. "It's a coming of age story for everybody in it."
Steinfeld plays Nadine, a teen who can't seem to fit in. It's your classic narrative, played out in movies countless times before, but Steinfeld is hoping to bring it to a new generation of viewers.
"It's got a very sort of John 'Hughes-y' vibe to it which I'm very excited to sort of give to my generation in a way," she said.
    The film, directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, also stars Woody Harrelson as Steinfeld's teacher. "I love [Harrelson] so much," Steinfeld said. "He was great."
    Steinfeld, who was nominated for an Academy Award when she was just 14 for her role in the 2010 film "True Grit," is already garnering some Oscar buzz for this performance.
    "It's obviously always an honor when people recognize your hard work," she said. "So I just hope people see this movie and relate to it as much as I did."
    "The Edge Of Seventeen" hits theaters November 18.