How do dogs process language? Scientists scan their brains to find out

Published 4:20 PM ET, Wed August 31, 2016
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The dogs who participated in a MRI study about language processing, listen attentively to their trainer, Márta Gácsi. Borbála Ferenczy
Two dogs participate in a MRI training session, in which they learn how to remain still while in the machine. Borbála Ferenczy
The trained dogs sit around the MRI scanner and listen to their trainer. Enikő Kubinyi
A dog waits to be measured in the MRI machine as part of the study. The dog can pull out of the machine at any time. Enikő Kubinyi
A dog, named Barack, is lying on the MRI scanner bed during the study. Enikő Kubinyi
Researchers Attila Andics (on left) and Anna Gábor (on right) sit with the dog, Barack, during the study. Enikő Kubinyi
Anna Gábor (on left), Attila Andics, and Márta Gácsi (on right) -- all researchers at Eötvös Loránd University -- work around the MRI scanner during the study. Vanda and Vilja Molnár
Barack's proud owner gives him praise after he completes a successful brain scanning session. Enikő Kubinyi