War-weary Colombians react to peace deal with FARC rebels

'Everything is agreed' read one newspaper headline after the peace deal was announced. Residents of Bogota are not so sure.

Story highlights

  • Rebels and officials in Colombia signed a peace deal to end a 52-year conflict
  • Citizens have mixed feelings about the deal
  • The deal must still be approved in a referendum

Bogota, Colombia (CNN en Español)Many Colombians have known nothing but a time of conflict between the government and the guerrillas of FARC.

Now there is a promise of a time of peace, with a deal signed in Havana, Cuba, between officials and a leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to end one of the world's longest-running conflicts, a 52-year war that has claimed 220,000 lives.
FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez ordered the agreed ceasefire to start Monday in a declaration in front of reporters gathered in Havana, Cuba -- and the landmark peace deal will be put to Colombians in a referendum set for October 2.
    In the Colombian capital, Bogota, hundreds celebrated the agreement in a park. On social media, hashtags like #AdiosalaGuerra (farewell to war) and #PazenColombia (peace in Colombia) trended, but other users expressed their dismay.
    Some agreed with opposition complaints that the Havana deal fell short.
    Rickshaw driver John Fernando Menesses said it was ironic that the government would now look after the people it had been fighting.
    "It was dishonest for the country that President (Juan Manuel Santos) handed seats (in