Iraqi forces push towards Mosul as refugees wait for aid

Updated 6:47 AM ET, Tue August 23, 2016
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Smoke rises from al-Qayyara in the late afternoon light, as ISIS burns crude oil to block visibility from above. Adam Dobby
Refugee camps outside al-Qayyara, Iraq, where people live in hostile conditions, with scorching desert winds and constant heat. Adam Dobby
Iraqi mother Piswa Treish holds a picture of her son (right) who was killed by ISIS. Adam Dobby
Iraqi forces move towards the al-Qayyara front line -- it's been more than two years since the army was in the area. Adam Dobby/CNN
On the banks of the Tigris river, Iraqi forces extended a pontoon bridge to gain access into the al-Qayyara region. Adam Dobby/CNN
The bridge has been a vital access point for forces moving forward, but also allowed people to flee from ISIS across the river. Adam Dobby/CNN