Kellyanne Conway: Clinton camp made 'grievous error'

Story highlights

  • Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway thinks Clinton squandered two weeks of good press
  • Conway predicts that polls will tighten over coming weeks

(CNN)Donald Trump's newly appointed campaign manager Kellyanne Conway thinks Hillary Clinton's team made a "grievous error" and blew her chance to "put away" the Republican nominee over the last two weeks.

Conway broke down the 2016 state of play in an interview Monday on CNBC, suggesting that under a new leadership team, the Trump campaign's recent tumultuous stretch -- marked by a series of controversies and sliding poll numbers -- has come to an end.
"We'll look at back at these two weeks ... and say, why in the world didn't Hillary Clinton's campaign totally put us away," Conway said. She also predicted that "the next two weeks, we're going to be talking about the polls tightening."
    She added, "I think they made a grievous error by not having (Clinton) go over to the Middle East and meet with the troops or make major policy speeches."
    In addition, Conway criticized Clinton's campaign team for limiting their candidate's exposure to the media, arguing they've tried to "put her into hiding."
    "Scarcity benefits Hillary Clinton. If you don't see her, you forget she's running. And you think the entire election is a referendum on Donald Trump."