Kanye West writes McDonald's poem for Frank Ocean's magazine

Both Frank Ocean and friend Kanye West had pop up shops this weekend.

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  • West is one of the guest writers in Ocean's magazine

(CNN)Would you like fries with that poem?

The prolific Kanye West has written an ode to McDonald's for Frank Ocean's "Boys Don't Cry" magazine.
"McDonalds Man McDonalds Man/The french fries had a plan/The french fries had a plan/The salad bar and the ketchup made a band," the poem begins.
    Ocean has been plenty busy the past few days, dropping two albums, a video and a magazine that was distributed over the weekend at pop up locations in London, New York, Chicago and West Hollywood.
    According to Spin, the glossy mag is pretty visual.
    "The book includes interviews with Ocean and his mother Katonya Breaux, a poem about McDonald's by Kanye West, and a great deal of gorgeous photography: speciality cars, Rick Rubin's home in Malibu, Ocean riding an ATV, stills from Lebon's "Nikes" music video, young men with automobile logo designs shaved into their haircuts," Spin reported.
    The poem by West, who had his own series of pop up stores this weekend selling his "Life Of Pablo" clothing, appears in the publication on a McDonald's drive through menu screen.
    Naturally the Internet had a bit of fun with it all.
    As for Kanye, he made it clear what he thinks of Ocean's new "Blonde" album. West tweeted "Frank album on repeat."