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Charlotte got her grandfather an Elmo balloon

Clinton turned 70 on Friday

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Former President Bill Clinton turned 70 on Friday and his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, shared a picture of the present that his 1-year-old granddaughter, Charlotte Mezvinsky, got for her “Poppop.”

“Here’s the balloon Charlotte got for Poppop. She hasn’t learned yet presents are for the person getting the gift…!” Clinton tweeted, along with a picture of an Elmo “Happy Birthday” balloon.

But Charlotte, who turns two September 26, seems to share her grandfather’s love for balloons.

While the Elmo balloon might be more appropriate for a younger recipient, the former President has enjoyed balloons in the past.

When thousands of red, white and blue balloons bounced off the Democratic National Convention stage last month, many Twitter users noticed that no one seemed to enjoy them more than Clinton.

On President Barack Obama’s 55th birthday Clinton also tweeted a picture of the balloons and wrote, “Happy Birthday, @POTUS! I would’ve sent real balloons, but we used them all last week.”