5 things for Thursday, August 18: US swimmers, Syria, Olympics


    US Olympic swimmers pulled off flight


US Olympic swimmers pulled off flight 02:18

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(CNN)Swimmers off the plane. Team Trump's new names. Day 13 of the Games. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. US swimmers

First, a group of US swimmers say they were robbed. Then the cops show up to take their passports. But Ryan Lochte's already back in the US and James Feigen is ... somewhere. Officers did catch up with the other two -- Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz -- and promptly yanked them off a plane. Police are suspicious because of inconsistencies in the swimmers' stories -- like the number of robbers and the fact that some valuable items weren't taken. This is more riveting than some of the events.

    2. Syria

    Near continuous beatings with silicone bars and hoses. That's the "welcome party" that awaits detainees, most of them rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad. A new report estimates that 17,723 people have died in custody since Syria's civil war began in March 2011 -- that's about 300 a month! But for an even starker reminder of the horrors of this war, look at the vacant expression of this little boy, rescued from the rubble of a bombed building.

    3. Campaign 2016

    While Hillary Clinton was hanging out with Paul McCartney, her team took aim at the new Team Trump, saying it looked a lot like the old Team Trump. Her campaign manager Robby Mook dissed Trump's new hire -- Steve Bannon of Breitbart News -- as a conspiracy theorist who runs a "so-called news site." Trump's got a little over 80 days to turn things around. Actually even less than that, because in some states early voting starts in about six weeks.
    Cohen: What polls show Donald Trump is losing?
    Cohen: What polls show Donald Trump is losing?


      Cohen: What polls show Donald Trump is losing?


    Cohen: What polls show Donald Trump is losing? 01:45
    Abjectly objection
    We'll just echo NY Post columnist John Podhoretz and say we too want a daily talk show with CNN's Brianna Keilar and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen called "Says Who," in which he repeatedly says "Says who?" and she just incredulously looks into the camera. (Click to view)

    4. Milwaukee

    Sylville Smith and the cop who killed him weren't strangers. In fact they went to high school together. And Smith's family is alleging a "personal vendetta" may have led the officer to shoot him, starting several days of unrest. For now, we're getting a better picture of the officer's standing in the mostly black Sherman Park neighborhood. He wasn't well-liked and considered overly aggressive. He's now in hiding because of threats.

    5. Olympics

    It wasn't all "Law & Order: Olympics Unit" (see above) in Rio. The US women swept up the gold, silver and bronze in the 100-meter hurdles. And Japan's Kaori Icho won in freestyle 58kg wrestling and became the first woman in any sport to win an individual-event gold at four Olympics. Here's the rest of Day 12's action, and what to check out today, including Usain Bolt's sprint towards 200-meter glory.


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    Front seat driver
    Smartphones collect info about how we drive; insurance companies want the data. They swear it won't be used to raise rates, but really, who believes that?
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    Number of the day

    The number of heroin overdoses in Huntington, West Virginia, over a four-hour period. Officials say the drug is laced with something.


    So slimy
    What happens if you put dry ice into slime? Only one way to find out.