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GOP senator facing anti-Trump heat in re-election race
03:28 - Source: CNN

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Former Sen. Evan Bayh is an "inactive" voter in Indiana, election officials say

The Democrat is mounting a late effort to win back his old Senate seat

Washington CNN  — 

Election officials in Indiana have concluded that former Sen. Evan Bayh is an “inactive” voter in their state after they failed to confirm he lives in Indianapolis, creating a new problem for the Democrat as he mounts a late effort to win back his old Senate seat.

According to records obtained by CNN, Bayh has been listed as an inactive voter twice since leaving office – once in July 2014 and the second time last week.

In both instances, election officials had sent multiple postcards to Bayh’s Indianapolis address to determine that he lives there. Both times the post office could not reach Bayh at the condo he owns in Indianapolis despite multiple attempts, prompting the Indiana Election Division to list him as inactive, according to copies of the mailers and state voting records.

Bayh is still a registered voter, and being listed as inactive does not prevent the former two-term senator and governor from voting in the state. But being considered inactive is the first step from being removed altogether from the voter rolls.

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