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Police: College professor found dead in her home
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Sue Marcum was taken with Jorge Landeros when they met; her friends were worried

Authorities say Landeros convinced Marcum to give him money, then killed her

Landeros is suspected to be living in Mexico

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When Sue Marcum met Jorge Landeros in the summer of 2005, her closest friends said she was “over the moon,” but there was something about him that made them suspicious.

“The stuff that she said to us [made us want to warn her] kind of like, ‘run Sue, he sounds nutty,’” recalled Beverly Myers, Marcum’s friend for 25 years. “But the nuttier he was, the more appealing he was to her.”

Marcum, a Washington, D.C.-area accounting professor, was impressed with Landeros’ intelligence, friends said. Landeros had worked as a stockbroker and was teaching Spanish, practicing yoga and meditation.

“You couldn’t really put your finger on him,” said Myers. “I think that’s what she liked.”

Landeros — who was born in Mexico — was fluent in three languages and knew a lot about financial markets and investments.

‘He was like a god’

Larry March, another of Marcum’s closest friends, said, “Sue talked about him like he was on a pedestal, he was like a god.”

But after March met Landeros, he told her, “I don’t like this guy. There’s something about him I just don’t like.”

Although Marcum never offered details about her relationship with Landeros, at one point she told friends she was open to romance.

“There was a period of time that he would come to her house at the crack of dawn and they would do meditation together,” Myers recalled.

Sue Marcum's longtime friend Beverly Myers said Landeros sounded "nutty."

In 2006, Marcum introduced Landeros to Don Williamson, a fellow accounting professor, asking him to help Landeros with some tax problems.