Simone Biles freaks out when crush Zac Efron surprises her

Story highlights

  • Efron paid a surprise visit to Biles in the Olympic Village
  • Simone tweeted a video of the kiss as proof and it was shared over 110,000 times

(CNN)Oh sure, having Zac Efron pay you a surprise visit and then kiss you on the cheek, NBD, right?

As if Olympic sensation Simone Biles didn't already have plenty of reasons to smile -- like maybe her four gold medals and one bronze -- she's got another reason now.
Actor Zac Efron -- fulfilling teenage crush goals everywhere -- popped over to Rio to find Biles and plant a surprise smacker on her.
    "He kissed me on the cheek, just letting y'all know," Biles shared in a tweet.
    Biles' fans know the gymnast has a soft spot for the actor. And Efron has shown that the appreciation is pretty mutual -- he even tweeted her back in July to wish her good luck in the Olympic trials.
    Zac Efron plants a kiss on Simone Biles' cheek.
    No cardboard cut-outs of Efron for Simone. This time, it was a real-life smooch and the Internet loved it so much it was retweeted more than 110,000 times.
    Efron went all fan-boy on Biles, letting us know that his "Olympic dream came true." We appreciate the update.
    Here's that kiss again, ICYMI.
    Just so we're all clear, HE kissed her first, ok?