Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to jam with you

Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't appear to be recognized when he played on a subway platform.

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  • The actor has a project called HitRecord
  • He's looking for musicians and vocalists

(CNN)Want to play music with Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

The actor is looking for a few folks to join him in a band as part of his HitRecord project.
Gordon-Levitt recently rocked out in a subway station and posted the video on Facebook with the caption "I played the drums (in a subway) for our 'Everyday, Spectacular' project — now, where are all you musicians gonna play your instruments?"
    "Do you play Bass, Percussion, Horns — or any other kind of musical instrument," the star wrote in the comments. "I'm looking for musicians (and vocalists, too!) to perform on this track w/ me."
    According to his site, "our community is creating a piece of art that captures those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen every day."
    One of the best parts of the video of JGL jamming? No one seemed to realize it was him.
    "You look like Pee-Wee Herman in that suit," one man said as he leaned out of the stopped subway while others appeared to not pay Gordon-Levitt too much attention.