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The Pokemon Go app is not approved for gov't devices

Pentagon recently sent memo to remind workers about restrictions

Washington CNN  — 

Pentagon workers and contractors are getting a reminder to keep Pokemon Go off their work phones, amid a report that concerns were raised that the app could be used for spying.

Pentagon officials sent a memo July 19 alerting staff and contractors that the game could be used to pinpoint the locations of secure facilities, The Washington Times reported this week. The incredibly popular game, which accesses large stores of personal data, could also be used in spying recruitment attempts or to access secrets, according to the report.

The Pentagon said staff can still play the game on their personal phones.

“There is no Poké-ban at the Pentagon. I can tell you Pokémon Go, Poke Rader, and PokeFinder apps are not on the list of ‘Approved’ apps for government furnished devices,” Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cdr. Patrick Evans said Friday. “As always, we encourage our employees to use sound judgment when using their personal or private devices at and away from work.”

Pokemon Go has emerged as an occasionally vexing game in official DC. State Department spokesman John Kirby chided a reporter last month after he was caught playing the game during a briefing.