Italian musician: Donald Trump is 'a blonde Berlusconi'

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  • The Bloody Beetroots is known for electronic dance music
  • The musicians says Trump's dominance of the media is similar to Berlusconi's

(CNN)In the eyes of Italian musician Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the rise of Donald Trump in America is reminiscent of the reign of Silvio Berlusconi -- the Italian billionaire tycoon, who served as Italy's prime minister for a total of nine years, with his latest term ending in 2011.

"You know, we used to have Berlusconi in Italy and to me, Trump looks like a blonde Berlusconi," Rifo, who is the founder of electro-dance punk formation, The Bloody Beetroots, told CNN.
The Republican presidential nominee and the Italian media mogul turned politician are both known for their larger than life personalities, their skills in capturing the attention of the press and shaping narratives in the media.
    As the Bloody Beetroots, Rifo is known for his electronic dance music and has collaborated with artists from the legendary Sir Paul McCartney to electro-pop singer Greta Svabo Bech in the 2013 song, "Chronicles of a Fallen Love."
    Rifo was born in the Italian town of Bessano del Grappa outside Venice in 1977, which is around the time punk rock was born, and the numbers "1977" are tattooed across the musician's chest.
    "English is not my main language so I don't understand everything about your world," Rifo said from behind a black mask, which he is known for. "I try to explore and I've been trying to improve my understanding of your culture."
    Rifo urged Americans to watch "Videocracy," a documentary which explores Berlusconi's monopoly over the Italian media.
    The documentary is about "how Berlusconi used to drive Italy crazy," Rifo said, adding that Trump has had a similar effect on America.
    "You see the way a man can completely invert the system and curve everything ... for his wants," he said. "Trump, to me, looks like something that is not good for this country."