'Suicide Squad' accused of stealing style

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  • Die Antwoord member posted a video showing similarities
  • The film is based on DC Comics characters

(CNN)The director of "Suicide Squad" is being accused of "jockin" a South African rap/rave group's style.

Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord has accused David Ayer of copying their look for his film.
Visser posted a video on Instagram showing similarities between her group's fashion and that of the super villains.
    She accused Ayer in the caption of connecting with her partner, Ninja, to snag ideas.
    "Callin ninja up before your movie came our pretendin 2b down," the caption read in part.
    "Suicide Squad" is based on a group of antihero super villains created by DC Comics. In her post, Visser also claimed that some of the movie's stars provided them with information.
    "Cara [Delevingne] & Jared [Leto] told us how much u were talkin abt us on set but u never asked our permission to rip us off," Visser wrote.
    CNN has reached out to representatives for Ayer for comment.