Rodrigo Duterte's most controversial comments

Updated 11:50 PM ET, Thu December 15, 2016
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Speaking at a business forum in Manila in December 2016, Duterte admitted killing suspected criminals during his time as mayor of Davao City. AFP/Stringer/Getty Images
The day after Trump won the US presidential election in November 2016, Duterte said he and Trump share some traits. TED ALJIBE/Getty Images
After reports emerged of a potentially blocked arms sale, Duterte told CNN Philippines in November 2016 that he would turn to Russia for weapons. AFP/Stringer/Getty Images
During a state visit to China in October 2016, Duterte announced his economic and military 'separation' from the US. Pool/Getty Images
In October 2016 Duterte expressed growing hostility with the US president. Lam Yik Fei/Stringer/Getty Images
After US president Barack Obama said he would raise extrajudicial killings in a meeting with Duterte, the Philippines President responded angrily on September 5, first in English then in Tagalog. As a result, Obama canceled the meeting.
As he addressed troops at the country's Armed Forces Central Command Headquarters on August 5, Duterte recounted U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's visit to the country, saying in Tagalog that he was feuding with U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg. NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images
The Philippines president-elect effectively said he supported vigilantism against drug dealers and criminals in a nationally televised speech in June 2016. MANMAN DEJETO/AFP/Getty Images
Foreign diplomats weighing in on Rodrigo Duterte's controversial remarks did not sit well with the then-mayor. NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images
Duterte apologized to the Pope after cursing him for the traffic he caused during a 2015 Papal visit to the Philippines. Bullit Marquez/AP
In September 2016, Duterte likened himself to the Nazi leader and announced that he wants to kill millions of drug addicts. NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images
Speaking at a press conference to unveil his new cabinet on May 31 2016, Rodrigo Duterte said journalists killed on the job in the Philippines were often corrupt. NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images
During the third and last presidential debate, Duterte had said that he would plant a Philippine flag in disputed territories should China refuse to recognize a favorable ruling for the Philippines. STR/AFP/Getty Images
Duterte made international headlines in April 2016 with his inflammatory comments on the 1989 rape and murder of an Australian missionary that took place in Davao City. AFP/Getty Images
He also lashed out at the womens' group that filed a complaint against him before the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images
At a CNN Philippines Townhall event in February 2016, Duterte, admitted that he had three girlfriends and a common-law wife. His marriage to Elizabeth Zimmerman was annulled due to his womanizing, but he denied this meant he objectified women. MANMAN DEJETO/AFP/Getty Images
Although he later denied the accusations, the former Davao City mayor admitted his links to the alleged Davao death squad in a May 2015 broadcast of his local television talk show. NOEL CELIS/AFP/AFP/Getty Images