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French fencer Enzo LeFort was competing against Germany's Peter Joppich

His phone appeared to pop out of his pocket and fall onto the piste

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This has got to be an Olympics first.

French fencer Enzo LeFort’s phone appeared to fall out of his pocket during an Olympics match against Germany on Sunday.

LeFort, 24, started his individual foil bout against Germany’s Peter Joppich, 33, with what resembled a black mobile phone in his back left pocket.

France's Enzo Lefort (L) takes the piste with a phone in his back left pocket.

Joppich made a move on LeFort that sent the Frenchman tumbling out of the piste, where his device apparently popped out of his pocket.

France's Enzo Lefort's phone falls out of his pocket.

LeFort, with sword still in hand, quickly picked it up and handed it to a man off the side of the mat.

He lost the match, though gets a shot at redemption Friday when the French take on China in the men’s team foil at 8 a.m. ET.