Leonardo DiCaprio's Olympic doppelganger

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio has a look-alike competing in Rio
  • Brady Ellison is competing in archery

(CNN)We promise you. Leonardo DiCaprio is not competing in the Olympics.

Though the Oscar winner does have a plethora of talents, reportedly including rapping, archery is not among them. However, DiCaprio appears to have a look-alike on the U.S. Men's Archery Team by the name of Brady Ellison
In an interview published by the Huffington Post, Ellison said that he's been hearing since he was a kid that he resembles DiCaprio.
    "I personally don't see a huge resemblance, maybe besides the facial hair," Ellison said. "He is a good-looking dude so I guess it's a compliment."
    Social media has been having fun sharing photos to show exactly how much the pair are twinning.
    Ellison is a three-time Olympian and a two-time silver medalist in the sport.
    No word on whether DiCaprio's Swedish look alike is also attending the games, but the actor has been spotted recently in New York City.