5 things for Monday, August 8: Delta, Japan, Michael Phelps

Japan Emperor Akihito delivers historic speech
Japan Emperor Akihito delivers historic speech


    Japan Emperor Akihito delivers historic speech


Japan Emperor Akihito delivers historic speech 03:49

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(CNN)Planning an exit. Going nowhere. Gaining the gold. It's Monday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Japan

Japanese Emperor Akihito is 82 and in declining health. So he wants to step down. One problem: The law says an emperor must stay on the job until death. Any changes would require approval by parliament -- but it could also invite a broader debate on whether there's even the need for an emperor in modern Japan. By the way, Akihito made the announcement during a speech, which is a rare thing in itself. An emperor's spoken to the public only two other times: at the end of World War II and after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

    2. Delta

    Got a flight on Delta this morning? You'll be going nowhere fast. That's because all flights are grounded due to a global computer system outage. Delta says it hopes to get its systems up and running soon. Passengers groused online of being being stuck on the tarmac at airports around the world.

    3. The Philippines

    You've got 24 hours to turn yourself in, or we'll hunt you down. The words of some Old West sheriff? Nope. That's Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who gave more than 150 government officials until today to surrender. He says they're part of the country's illegal drug trade. Critics say Duterte offered no evidence and that the whole exercise may be unconstitutional. Duterte has been waging an aggressive war: More than 500 suspected drug dealers have been killed by police or vigilantes since he took office in June.

    4. Pennsylvania murder-suicide

    Willow Short's life was tough from the get-go. Born with a congenital heart defect in May 2014, she had a heart transplant at just 6 days old. But her life came to a violent end over the weekend when she -- along with her sister, brother and parents -- was shot to death. The bodies, and a handgun, were found in the living room of the family's Pennsylvania home with a note indicating it was a murder-suicide. Police wouldn't say who wrote the note, but they mentioned "domestic issues" between Willow's parents.

    5. Olympics

    The most decorated Olympian ever is sporting even more bling. Swimmer Michael Phelps helped Team USA win the men's 4x100 meters freestyle relay. That's gold No. 19 for him, and 23 medals in total -- more than any other Olympian. What else happened yesterday in Rio? The Williams sisters were shockingly bounced in the first round, while a Dutch cyclist was hospitalized after crashing in the women's road race. Here are the 5 things to watch for today as the world's best swimmers and gymnasts go head to head.


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