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Fallon, Rogen go head to head in lip sync battle

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lip sync fallon rogen new day daily hit_00003606


    Rogen owns Fallon in lip-sync battle


Rogen owns Fallon in lip-sync battle 01:02

Story highlights

  • Fallon vs. Rogen: The comedian and actor battled it out in a lip-sync competition
  • Song choices included 90's rap and viral pop hits

(CNN)It was a lip sync battle for the ages between Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen on Fallon's "Tonight Show."

The actor-comedian sat down with Fallon on Friday to promote his new animated movie "Sausage Party." But it was their lip sync duel that had everyone talking.
Fallon started off with Kent Jones' "Don't Mind," bouncing around the stage while keeping in tune with clever hand motions as he mouthed along to the lyrics. But Rogen quickly followed up the host's act, taking advantage of Fallon's house band, the Roots.
    "We have one of the greatest bands in the world here on this stage," Rogen said. "I've been a fan of the Roots since literally the day I was born."
    Instead of playing a recorded backing track, Rogen had the Roots do a live rendition of their 1995 classic "Mellow My Man" while he rapped along.
    After a round of thunderous applause, Fallon shot a look of disbelief to his own band, shouting, "How could you?!" We're family!" before continuing on to the second round.
    Fallon then paid homage to Onyx, one of his favorite childhood hip hop groups, with their song "Slam." He moved close to the camera and spit out the mile-a-minute lyrics before dropping to the floor, out of breath.
    But it was Rogen who came out on top by reviving a viral music memory from earlier this year.
    "All of you guys know the summer Olympics began tonight," Rogen said, "and in honor of my beloved home country of Canada I'm going to perform a legendary track by an amazing artist from the great city of Toronto, or 'The 6' as he calls it. He goes by the name of Drake."
    Donning a baggy grey turtleneck sweater reminiscent of one made popular by the rapper, Rogen brought back Drake's "Hotline Bling" while mimicking dance moves from the video.
    The audience graced Rogen with a standing ovation, crowning him victor for the night.