5 things for Friday, August 5: Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. Iran. Olympics

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john king clinton trump mood 2016 magic wall origwx js_00003623


    How Clinton and Trump supporters see the world differently


How Clinton and Trump supporters see the world differently 02:22

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(CNN)A bigger lead. A shocking attack. Some heartbreaking deaths. It's Friday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

New national and battleground state polls show Hillary Clinton significantly widening her lead over Donald Trump. He's coming off one of the worst weeks of his campaign, but his surrogates insist Trump's going to narrow the gap by staying focused on the issues and avoiding petty fights, like his feud with the Khans. It's not like Clinton's problems have disappeared though. Just a couple of days ago she repeated her widely debunked claim that the FBI said her statements on her use of private email servers were "truthful."

    2. Iran

    Move along, nothing to see here. That seemed to be the message President Obama delivered yesterday as his administration tried to quell the growing furor over a $400 million payment flown to Iran the same day American hostages were released. The payment was announced back in January, Obama noted, and the timing of it all was more of a coincidence than some "nefarious" ransom plot. Well, the GOP doesn't believe in coincidences -- at least when it comes to Obama -- and said it's hard to see this as anything other than a swap.

    3. Hot car deaths

    It's heartbreaking every time we hear about it: a child dying in a hot car. It's happened again yesterday in Georgia. Two twin 15-month-old girls died after being left in a car. When police arrived on the scene, the father, who was arrested, was trying to revive them in a kiddie pool and neighbors were using ice packs, trying to lower their body temperatures. So far this year, 24 children have died in hot car incidents nationwide.

    4. Afghanistan

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on a group of tourists traveling through Herat, in western Afghanistan. Wait a minute. Tourists ... in Afghanistan? Yes, it's not recommended; many countries have longstanding advisories warning against travel to the war-torn country. But some people still make the trip. Six tourists were injured when their vans were attacked. The Taliban said "the foreigners had come to Herat for a mysterious aim."

    5. Olympics

    The Rio Games officially get under way today, with billions around the world set to watch the opening ceremonies. But the Games are already over for about a third of Russia's Olympic team. That's because 118 of Russia's 389 athletes have been banned from competing in Rio, the fallout from a report last month on the country's alleged wide-scale doping programs.


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