Pence bowls an orange down plane aisle

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Story highlights

  • Trump's runningmate has some fun on his plane
  • He brings rival Hillary Clinton into it, too

(CNN)Mike Pence was probably not expecting to see an orange roll under his feet on his campaign plane Thursday night.

Reporters had written a question on the orange and rolled it down the aisle toward Donald Trump's running mate on the way back to Indianapolis from campaigning in Norfolk, Virginia.
After a short time, and huddling with advisers, including his daughter, Pence rolled it back.
    The question: Gov. Pence what is your favorite Sixpence None the Richer song?
    Pence's answer: "Christmas for two" #HillaryLovesNickelback
    The orange also included a signed caricature, a hobby of Pence's.
    The hashtag is a reference back to the Republican primary - a Ted Cruz protestor would often stand outside events with a sign that said "Ted Cruz likes Nickelback."