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Donald Trump said his daughter, Ivanka, would be a 'popular' pick for his Cabinet

Hillary Clinton fired back on Twitter, citing Mitt Romney

CNN —  

Hillary Clinton jabbed Donald Trump on Twitter after the GOP nominee answered a question about potential female cabinet members by naming his daughter, Ivanka, as a “popular” candidate.

Winking at a Mitt Romney gaffe from his 2012 presidential bid, Clinton wrote Thursday: “We know a guy with a binder, @realDonaldTrump. (He might not take your calls, though.)”

The Democratic nominee was referencing Romney’s remarks during a 2012 presidential debate about gender equality, when he said he’d reviewed “binders full of women” for positions in his administration as governor of Massachusetts.

And Clinton was responding comments Trump made in an interview with “First Coast News” in Florida, when he was asked to list possible female candidates for cabinet positions if he were elected president. Trump responded during the interview by naming his daughter, Ivanka and declining to identify any other women who could be considered for roles.

“I want to know just as a female, who you would actually put into office as one of the first females in your cabinet?” asked Angelia Savage, a reporter with “First Coast News.”

“Well there are so many different ones to choose, I can tell you everybody would say – ‘Put Ivanka in! Put Ivanka in!’ You know that, right?” Trump said.

“She’s very popular, she’s done very well. And you know Ivanka very well. But there really are so many that are talented people, like you,” he said to Savage, “You’re so talented, I don’t know if your viewers know that.” The GOP nominee proceeded to joke about naming Savage to his cabinet.