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Kevin Spacey is “Mr. Fuzzypants?”

The actor – currently most associated with the diabolical Frank Underwood of “House of Cards” – changes his stripes in the new family-friendly film “Nine Lives.” Literally: for most of the movie, he has four legs and a very fluffy tail.

In typical cat-like fashion, the comedy has crept up on movie-goers, so you might be wondering whether or not to spend 89 minutes of your weekend watching a CGI talking feline. Here are five bad cat puns to help you learn more about the movie.

Curiosity killed the cat

Spacey plays a businessman (Tom Brand) who transforms into a cat after stopping by a mysterious pet store. He’s then told he must mend his relationship with his family before getting turned back into a human.

It’s raining cats and … stars

The movie, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, has a star-studded cast including Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken and Cheryl Hines, as well as Robbie Amell and Mark Consuelos.

Cat got your tongue

Although Spacey plays a talking cat, his family can’t hear him, only the viewers and Walken can. Which makes it even more hilarious in scenes like when his daughter is putting bows and makeup on him, not knowing it’s actually her dad. (Theoretically hilarious, at least – the reviews so far have left the movie looking like your sofa after you got a particularly rambunctious kitten: shredded.)

Cats really do have nine lives

Spacey proves that cats really can get out of even the craziest of situations – or, at least, CGI cats unbound by the rules of nature can. In Spacey’s case, he has multiple near-death experiences, like when he jumps onto the back of a motorcycle in his new cat body.

Purrfect family flick

Even if you’re thinking this movie isn’t for you, your kids will most likely love it. And, hey, worst-case scenario, maybe you’ll have time for a cat nap.