5 things for Thursday, August 4: Donald Trump, Iran, Olympics


    Donald Trump: GOP never been so well united


Donald Trump: GOP never been so well united 02:17

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(CNN)A troubled campaign. A secret flight. An attack in the night. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

What's wrong with Donald? That's the collective question coming from GOP bigwigs, reportedly stunned at their nominee's behavior over the past couple of days. Republican leaders are in panic mode; insiders say the campaign has reached out to Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie for help. As for Trump, he says everything is awesome. At a rally yesterday in Florida, he said the campaign was "doing really well" and had "never been this united."

    2. Iran

    Sounds like something straight out of a spy movie: An unmarked U.S. cargo plane -- stacked with wooden pallets filled with $400 million of Swiss francs, euros and other currencies -- flies to Iran, the same day four American prisoners held in the country are released. A ransom? Oh no, says the White House, that's was just the first payment in the Iran nuke deal. Had to do it that way because at the time Iran was cut off from the global financial system. A bunch of malarkey, say critics, including GOP nominee Trump. The payment, in their view, violates U.S. policy and encourages Iran to nab more Americans.

    3. Zika

    Zika's hit U.S. service members hard. Forty-one members of the military have been diagnosed with the virus since tests begin earlier this year. And one of them is pregnant, which is a big concern since Zika can lead to a birth defect in children. Other Americans serving overseas have been affected too. The State Department said two of its diplomats have contracted the disease.

    4. London knife attack

    Is this Europe's latest terror attack? A man stabbed six people last night in London, killing a woman. He was arrested after police zapped him with a stun gun. Was he another lone wolf attacker? Authorities aren't ruling out terrorism, but they also pointed to the man's mental health as being a "major factor" in the investigation.

    5. Olympics

    Ready or not, the Rio Olympics are here. The opening ceremonies, expected to be watched by billions, kick off tomorrow night. Team USA selected a familiar face to be its flag bearer in the ceremony: swimmer Michael Phelps. Well, he's only the most-decorated Olympian of all time -- 22 medals, including 18 gold, but who's counting -- and will be participating in his fifth Olympic Games.


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    Quote of the day:

    "He said that one thing is for sure: I have the ears to play him."
    Actor Will Smith, talking about conversations he's had with Barack Obama about playing the president in a movie.
    Moon shot
    We're going back to the moon! A private firm got the OK yesterday from the feds to send a probe there. It's all part of a lunar competition from Google.
    Today in facepalm
    We all love playing Pokemon Go, but keep an eye on how much data it eats up. This Olympic gymnast didn't, and now he has a $4,954 bill. Ouch!
    Test drive
    So long, gridlock. Your days are numbered, now that China's taking its new commuter bus, that can glide over cars, out for a spin.
    China elevated bus
    Living in the future
    Back in 2011 a teenage runner predicted on Twitter that she'd be in the Olympics in five years. Guess who's in Rio this week?
    You're out!
    Baseball umpires throw players and coaches out of games all the time, so fans have to work harder to get tossed. But a guy in Philly found a way.

    Number of the day

    The number of commutations granted by President Obama yesterday, the highest number granted on a single day in more than a century.


    Just like MacGyver
    This guy will never suffer with a dead cell phone battery again, after he built his own homemade hydro-electric generator, powered by a stream.