Irish pub invites restroom patrons to take aim at Trump

This pub urinal in Dublin has drawn attention from locals and tourists alike.

Story highlights

  • An Irish pub in Dublin has plastered Donald Trump's likeness over its men's restroom urinal
  • Other places are also having fun at the expense of some U.S. politicians

(CNN)An Irish pub has a new bar game for politics fans.

The newly opened Adelphi bar in Dublin, Ireland, is inviting patrons to take aim at U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump by installing a striking piece of restroom decor: a large photo of the Republican nominee, mounted as a backdrop in the men's urinal.
"We aren't trying to be political, we're having a bit of fun," bar manager Tony McCabe told CNN. "I think Trump is of the belief that any publicity is good publicity. I thought, 'I have a new bar to promote, let's use the master of spin to help me do it.'"
    The Adelphi serves fish & chips and other hearty fare and opened at the end of June. Since installing the Trump urinal in July, the bar has seen a "quadruple" uptick in visitors, McCabe said.
    Reaction to the urinal so far has been good-humored, the bar's management said. It's been a hit with tourists as well: An American couple with a five-hour layover at a local airport visited recently to get their picture taken in the restroom, said Sharon Kenny, a manager at the Abbey Hotel, which houses the pub.
    The bar has no plans to take down the image any time soon, but McCabe says he would remove it if Trump wins.
    "If he's elected, we'll absolutely take it down. We don't want to disrespect the office of president of the voice of the American people," he said.
    Trump received red carpet treatment when he arrived in Ireland in 2014, following his purchase of a golf course along the coast.
    But Irish attitudes toward the New York businessman appear to have soured since he launched his presidential bid. In May, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny described some of Trump's comments about immigration as "racist and dangerous."
    Dublin is not the only European city where restrooms are poking fun at American politics. The Three Stags, a gastropub in London, has proudly plastered photos of several Republican figures over its toilets.
    The restaurant has customized urinals for men...
    ...and equally striking toilets for women.
    On American soil, political "potty" jokes have been immortalized onto toilet paper. One woman from Clermont, Florida, bought a roll featuring Trump's face for her boss, who is a Trump supporter.
    This toilet paper has a familiar face on it.
    In a way, this potty humor is a bit ironic for the Republican nominee. Trump criticized his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for using the restroom before a campaign debate in December.
    "I know where she went. It's disgusting, I don't want to talk about it," Trump said.
    This new wave of toilet comedy may not be something he wants to talk about either.