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Solving the medical mystery of Zika
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Salvador is the third-largest city in Brazil and hard hit by Zika

Local researchers fight to find out why and help the children thrive

Salvador, Brazil CNN  — 

The sun beats down on my head as I walk, sweat pouring off my body. A recent rain is steaming off the streets of Pau da Lima, one of the poorest favelas – slums – in the northeastern city of Salvador, the third largest in Brazil, and one of the hardest hit by Zika.

Despite the heat, I’m in long sleeves and long pants, with an extra layer of pesticide for good measure. I’m not making it easy for any local mosquitoes to bite me and implant the virus they carry. But everywhere I look, women and children are in shorts and tank tops, and the men bare chested. Even in the dead of winter, Brazil’s heat is oppressive.

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Everything you need to know about Zika
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