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Margulies talks about life after Alicia Florrick

The actress is currently working on a new film

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Julianna Margulies isn’t missing “The Good Wife,” just yet.

The actress, who just wrapped the series finale of her long running CBS drama in June, told CNN she’s only beginning to adjust to life after Alicia Florrick.

“I haven’t missed [the show] yet,” she told CNN at The ACE Awards in New York on Tuesday night. “We probably would be in our third week back at work now if I was still doing it. I really wonder, now that I have the time to think about it, how I did seven years of that show because just the legal dialogue alone. My mind was never still.”

Margulies said that right after she taped the last episode, she got sick. “I have been really actually wondering how I just kept going. So the exhaustion when it all finally ended, hit me with a bout of the chickenpox for two weeks. I felt like, sort of my body having to shut down and shed seven years of great hard work and start anew. I really took it that way.”

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Margulies, who has won two Emmy Awards for her work on “The Good Wife,” admitted that she was surprised the hit show wasn’t nominated this year.

“I thought this season was our strongest season, to be honest,” Margulies said. “It’s someone else’s turn. I’ve won plenty and I’ve been nominated plenty.”

Margulies didn’t pause long before for taking on a new role. She’ll play Richard Gere’s wife in the upcoming movie, “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti.” The film is already in production and Margulies said she’s enjoying her new gig.

“Oh, it’s heaven,” she said. “He is genuine, he’s not fussy [Gere]. After our first day, it was as if we had been married for 10 years already. He’s just lovely, I mean honestly, he’s truly a dream.”