5 things for Tuesday, August 2: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Zika

Trump accuses Gold Star family of attacking him
Trump accuses Gold Star family of attacking him


    Trump accuses Gold Star family of attacking him


Trump accuses Gold Star family of attacking him 02:45

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(CNN)A bad day. A new warning. A trashy problem. It's Tuesday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

Wow, did Donald Trump just suffer through the worst Monday ever? His feud with the parents of a fallen U.S. soldier -- which has earned him harsh words, even from his own supporters -- continued, and he was widely mocked for saying Russia won't invade Ukraine (psst: the Russians have already annexed Crimea). And to top it all off, new polling shows he's lost his lead over Hillary Clinton, who got a pretty good bounce from her convention. But even Clinton hit a pothole. A lot of folks said she flat out lied (again) while defending her use of her private email servers during an interview with Fox News over the weekend. One media outlet gave her "four Pinocchios" for her answers. Ouch.

    2. Zika

    It's a first for the CDC: It's telling people not to travel to an American neighborhood for fear of catching an infectious disease. That disease is Zika, and it's actively circulating in a small community just north of downtown Miami, so the CDC wants pregnant women and their partners to stay out of there. At least 14 people have been infected with Zika so far in Florida.

    3. Flint

    First water woes, now trash troubles. There won't be any trash collection in Flint, Michigan, for awhile, the troubled city's mayor says. The city needs to get a new waste collection contract. So residents are being asked not to put garbage out on the curb. The mayor hopes to fix this by the end of the week. The trash issue is just the latest problem Flint's residents have had to endure. For the past couple of years the city's been dealing with lead in its water.

    4. Olympics

    Brazil is bringing in some muscle. Just days before the Olympics start, Rio's sending in 14,000 more security officers to keep everyone safe during the Games. They'll be part of the 85,000 officers already deployed to the city. But that's not all. Rio's also going to use three blimps -- blimps! -- to keep an eye on things. And it looks like all of this extra security will be needed. Just last Friday Australian athletes had property stolen -- including a laptop and some Zika-protective team shirts -- during an evacuation of the team's building.

    5. Meat

    Want to live longer? Put down the burgers and pick up some leafy green veggies. That's the advice offered in a new study on protein published yesterday. The study seems to confirm scientists' long-held beliefs that eating red meat increases your risk of death, while eating plant protein -- like vegetables, nuts, brown rice -- lowers the risk. So the next time you fire up the grill, should you put down a head of lettuce instead of a slab of ribs? Sure, if you want to live.


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