Rep. Keith Ellison calls on Republicans to condemn Trump

Muslim congressman calls on GOP to condemn Trump
Muslim congressman calls on GOP to condemn Trump


    Muslim congressman calls on GOP to condemn Trump


Muslim congressman calls on GOP to condemn Trump 00:49

Story highlights

  • Ellison says Republicans should consider whether their credibility is damaged by supporting Trump
  • Ellison was the first Muslim elected to Congress

(CNN)Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, issued a sharp rebuke Tuesday to Republicans who have not condemned Donald Trump for his attacks on the Khan family, saying that the GOP is at a "moral fork in the road."

"I commend Mitch McConnell for saying Capt. Khan is a hero, but they're saying this within the context of their Republican nominee disparaging his family," Ellison, a Democrat, told CNN's John Berman on "New Day." "I think the Republican party is at a moral fork in the road -- they have to now decide who they are and what they are."
    Ellison said Trump's campaign appealed to Republican leaders on Capitol Hill for support Monday as his comments on the Muslim parents of an American soldier killed in Iraq drew increased criticism from both parties.
    House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell put out statements condemning their nominee's comments without mentioning his name, while other Republicans, including Sen. John McCain, went further in denouncing Trump's remarks.
    Ellison said the Trump team "got no takers" on their request public support on the Hill.
    "They have to say, 'Mr. Trump this is unacceptable and we have to condemn what you said,'" Ellison said.
    He added that Republican leaders should "ask themselves whether they are damaging their own credibility by being associated with him."
    "You are just never going to be able to win by disparaging a Gold Star family in the eyes of the American people," Ellison said.