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Australian team having rough time in Rio

Accommodation problems at Olympic Village

Delegation then suffers property theft

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If the nightmare of blocked toilets followed by a fire wasn’t bad enough for the Australian athletes in the Rio Olympic village, to add insult to injury, they’ve also had property stolen during an evacuation of the team’s building.

Australian Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller, who has had to deal with her team’s discontent, said a laptop and Zika-protective team shirts had been stolen by people who entered the building during the evacuation.

Approximately 100 athletes were evacuated Friday after a small fire broke out in the basement car park of the Olympic Village apartments housing the Australian team.

Kitty Chiller the Australian Olympic Team Chef de Mission

“When I arrived midway through the evacuation, I saw three fire (marshals) walking out with our team shirts,” Chiller told reporters. “I should take back fire marshals – I don’t know who they were. They were not team members.”

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Chiller said she did not question the three people as she believed they had been gifted the shirts as a thank you.

“I didn’t know if they were volunteers who had been given a shirt because they’d helped us,” she continued. “But it doesn’t seem to have been what happened.”

The building had to be evacuated for 30 minutes.

The shirts were the team’s long-sleeved “Zika shirts,” designed to protect athletes from the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The shirts had only been delivered on the morning of the fire.

A laptop was also reported missing from one of the cycling officials staying on the fifth floor.

The Australian team were equally annoyed that the fire alarms had been deactivated in their building, which meant veteran shooter Warren Potent actually slept through the entire evacuation.