Hayden hits Trump on conflicting Putin statements

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  • Michael Hayden says Donald Trump needs to be more precise
  • Hayden criticized Trump's conflicting comments about Vladimir Putin

Washington (CNN)Former CIA and National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden blasted Donald Trump on Monday for the Republican nominee's conflicting answers about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I recognize that flexibility and creativity might actually be good selling used cars and selling real estate, but when you want to be the head of an international superpower, precision and consistency are really important," Hayden told CNN's Erin Burnett.
His comments come after Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" that he has no relationship with Putin -- a remark that conflicted with Trump's long history of saying the opposite and embracing Putin's praise for his candidacy.
    Hayden endorsed Jeb Bush and then John Kasich in the Republican primary, but says he cannot support Trump right now.
    Asked by Burnett if that means he'll support Hillary Clinton, Hayden said: "I have not made that decision and I don't know if I will."