Behind the scenes at Theranos

Updated 1:00 PM ET, Wed August 3, 2016
01. theranos gupta tour01. theranos gupta tour
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Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss the biotech startup, which aims to deliver faster, cheaper and more accessible lab results. They also discussed the troubles the company has had in recent months. Jen Christensen/CNN
A federal investigation of the company's main lab facility in Newark, California, found major problems with possible "jeopardy to patient health and safety," forcing the company to void two years of results. The lab has now closed. Jen Christensen/CNN
Holmes gives Dr. Gupta a rare tour of a Theranos lab based in Palo Alto, California. Jen Christensen/CNN
To get the best results, the lab has learned it helps to warm up the finger that will be pricked. Jen Christensen/CNN
Dr. Gupta asks Holmes about the small vial of his blood taken with Theranos' finger stick technology. Jen Christensen/CNN
Technicians use this workshop in the lab nicknamed "Edison" to develop Theranos' new initiative: a tabletop-size piece of lab equipment that could be put in a doctor's office or even in your home. Jen Christensen/CNN