Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon has been an ardent supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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The actress didn't appear happy at the Democratic convention

The common consensus on Twitter: "Susan Sarandon ain't having it"

CNN  — 

Susan Sarandon really did have the worst time Monday night.

Video showed the actress and ardent Bernie Sanders supporter looking less than happy in the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Video journalist Ian McKenna (who formerly worked at CNN) tweeted a GIF of the Oscar winner shaking her head and looking exasperated with the caption “Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention.”

The star confirmed that assessment, retweeting it with a one-word response: “Accurate.”

Quicker than you could say “Crying Jordan,” the GIF was being shared. The common consensus, as voiced by Twitter user Richard Reese, was “Susan Sarandon ain’t having it.”

McKenna told BuzzFeed he grabbed the GIF from CNN’s live stream, which he was watching while editing video for his team at Now This News.

He said he was unsure what was making the actress so unhappy at that exact moment.

“She seemed to be mad at the person clapping behind her (not sure),” McKenna said. “But, in that moment on the stage Rep. Luis Gutierrez was talking about how with Hillary (Clinton) as president we can stop the NRA. Not sure if she was shaking her head at that or just the general atmosphere or the idea of Hillary being president.”