Cosplayers step it up at Comic-Con

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN and Loli Lucaciu, Special to CNN

Updated 12:06 PM ET, Mon July 25, 2016
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Comic-Con, an annual convention for comics fans around the world, is taking place this week in San Diego. "It's really fun to be a character," Marley, 10, said of transforming into Ms. Marvel, the protagonist of her favorite comic books. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
iReporter Chris Morrow attended Comic-Con and snapped photos of the unique outfits conventiongoers wore. Haley Smith, 30, dressed as her favorite sci-fi movie character, Leeloo from the "Fifth Element." Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
"Spider Gwen is funny, sarcastic, a strong role model and accessible to adults," Kaylynu Wolfe, 25, said of her Comic-Con character. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
Two months of weekends went into the making of his Velociprator costume, said Manny Rios, 27. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
"I get to yell at people and people are OK about that. I get to eat Slim Jims all day and people hand me Slim Jims. I'm pretty pumped," Pharbo Esnaashari, 25, said of his Macho Man Randy Savage costume. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
Comic-Con 2016 brings people together. Sharing the same passion for Wolverine, these two men had just met and they gladly showcased their costumes, which they created themselves. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
Fourth time is the charm! Alex Pomeranz, 15, dressed as Sailor Ariel for Comic-Con 2016, her fourth convention. Chris Morrow