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#TrumpYourself app features personalized insults

They ape the style of Donald Trump's most famous takedowns

(CNN) —  

Donald Trump’s insults have been known to have a certain Shakespearean quality – a cadence and structure all their own. He has even managed to co-opt one of the most simple words in the English language into a singular, quintessentially Trump-esque punctuation: Sad!

Clinton supporters are now lining up (figuratively) for a chance to be similarly assessed by the newly minted Republican presidential nominee. It’s called #TrumpYourself, and after Clinton announced its launch over Twitter on Thursday morning, her followers went to town.

The #TrumpYourself app lets you plug in a profile picture and “discover what @realDonaldTrump thinks about you.” It’s hosted through Clinton’s website, and is available to use with a donation to her campaign. The result is a potpourri of familiar phrases: “loser,” “hater,” “loser hater,” a line about Diet Coke and more.

The responses vary depending on whether you identify yourself as a woman…

a person of color…

a member of the LGBT community…

an immigrant or a refugee…

or, presumably, a Disney character.

Even the site’s error page is self-aware.

“Now we know what Trump really thinks about us,” Clinton tweeted after the app was released. “Sad!”