Donald Trump air kisses Mike Pence


    Trump interview contradicts Pence


Trump interview contradicts Pence 02:13

Story highlights

  • Mike Pence didn't return apparent affection from Donald Trump onstage
  • The GOP running mate's demurral from the presidential nominee blew up on social media

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump's attempts to show affection for Mike Pence -- and the Indiana governor's apparent resistance with a stiff arm -- led to an "air kiss" from the Republican presidential nominee to his running mate Wednesday.

The exchange between the two men who are still getting to know each other was teased on social media.
In the hour after the final Republican National Committee speech ended Wednesday, searches for "air kiss" spiked 2,800%, according to data from Google.
    Pence's close friend Rep. Jeb Hensarling joked about the exchange Thursday on CNN's "New Day."
    "There's an embrace but nah ... They're not doing it that way in Indiana," the Texas Republican told CNN's Chris Cuomo. "Maybe they're doing it that way in New York. So there's a little difference in the style."