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Passenger says flight crew thought fuel was leaking, but it turned out to be hydraulic fluid

Plane was scheduled to fly to Philadelphia

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Passengers from an American Airlines flight were forced to evacuate Thursday afternoon while on the taxiway at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The crew of American Airlines Flight 1822 reported a leak, the FAA said, and passengers used emergency slides to get off the plane. The FAA didn’t disclose what kind of leak was reported. The flight was scheduled to fly to Philadelphia.

Passenger Eric Moore said the flight crew of the Airbus 320 thought it might be a fuel leak so they ordered an evacuation. He said people were not calm as they left the plane. He said he was told later that the leak was hydraulic fluid.

Passengers were taking buses to the terminal, the FAA said.

Images on local television showed two airliners at the end of taxiway with emergency vehicles at the scene.

The second plane, a JetBlue flight, didn’t have its slides down and later drove back to the terminal.

The FAA said one runway was closed.

CNN’s David Williams contributed to this report.